At Sinthesis LDN we are a unisex clothing brand with one sole purpose, unity. The young adults and children in today’s society need to understand their inner power. With this understanding they can heal and grow into what they believe they can be (we are the creators of our own future).

We customize clothes to represent each individual’s style and need as well as the hats we have for sale with new items coming to our store in the near future. The word Sinthesis means to “Combine”. We are making a clear production of something that has substance, which is where our logo shows its strength. The logo represents a mixture of positive meanings such as: Protection, Wisdom, Royal power, Good health, Healing and Life.

With this symbol we send a positive message and by wearing it, it has protective properties along with all of the other things it represents. Here at Sinthesis we aspire to inspire as we believe in First Loving Yourself a.k.a being F.L.Y. So why not browse our online store & get Fly with us?