An Affluent Heart

During lock down most of us felt the tilt of our crown constantly thinking when will we be able to have a change of scenery, catch a flight or leave town.

Nowhere to go, we can’t even see our loved one out of the fear of what they have programmed us to hear, So we continue on and remain alone in solitude while they conspire what’s next on the agenda of what’s to go on.

They don’t care how we really feel or how much we are consciously aware that we’re just pawns in a game we haven’t even begun to play, so we continue to learn a better way.

A better way of living through higher knowledge and spirituality to lead a way for us to help humanity for the confessions of mother Gaia is she invites one and all that wanders this earth in search for tools that are deeply buried in the soils that will create great influence from the hearts of those that are mapped with timeless affluence.

Do you feel like you have been here before?

If you have been feeling a bit rocky use the words to ground yourself focusing on the colour red.

Root Chakra: I am Stable, secure, grounded & safe…..all that I need I already have, thank you Mother Gaia, for providing the roots that authorize forage to grow.

💚 &💡